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Fully Managed

Fully managed test preparation and assessment platform for Schools and Test Prep coaching companies


Marketplace for Content Providers - publishers, authors, coaching institutes, exam bodies to reach global untapped customers

A unique
Test Preparation and self-assessment platform

iCompete uses the most advanced data science along with algorithms and machine learning to deliver improved learning outcomes and excellent results in the exam


Our algorithm is designed to enhance focus on user’s weak areas and help them improve their performance, experience and learning

Curriculum Agnostic

Our platform could be used in any country, any exam and any curriculum without restrictions making it a truly global offering

It works in line with the relevant exam curriculum, scoring pattern and testing methods



The Tablet App for Students is extremely intuitive and designed for enriched user experience.

The engine provides real time performance analytics and is designed for focused test preparation and self-assessment including mock tests.

Cloud Enabled

Cloud based for enhanced data security, reliability and ease of access anywhere, anytime.

Available via native iOS and Android Apps as well as web application.

Discover great features

A Trusted Partnership to enhance value

Stay in Control

Always keep 100% control, ownership and copyright of your content

100% peace of mind

No stress of regular software issues, upgrades, maintenance, support etc. Peace of mind with real time access to our dedicated IT team

Untapped Customers

Use your content either for your in-house / classroom students, or millions of students around the world or both


Cost Efficient

No initial spend / Capex . Simply pay per student fee for in-house students

No IT Costs or efforts

No need to spend millions in developing advanced technology and spending time and efforts in regular maintenance and updates

Digital Publishing at a Click

Release test series, practice questions, mock tests etc. at your convenience

User engagement

An intelligent assessment engine for focused learning including exam preparation, practice, analysis as well as undertaking mock tests

Free App

Access the app free of cost through major platforms including Android, iOS and Windows

Effective Content

Tests prepared strictly based on syllabus for targeted competitive exams and questions approved by organizing authorities and provided by reputed institutes

Offline Mode

Accessibility of the entire platform in offline mode ensures flexible preparation without unwanted internet exposure



Analytics to evaluate subject preparation using performance graphs

Custom Test

Create custom tests for improvement areas, taking into account the speed and capability of the student

Test Result and Solution

Get immediate performance evaluation as well as feedback on each question with recommended solutions

Take 100% control of your user base and content

iCompete is a comprehensive cloud based content delivery platform for education


User performance analytics

Always stay in control of your users and keep track of their activity level as well as their performance

Get unique insights into student engagement and user feedback to assist you with content creation, sales and marketing

Dedicated team

Get seamless technological solutions to enhance your offering, along with unrestricted and dedicated access to our specialist tech team for continuous support


Intelligent Content Creation

Manual as well as auto test creation and authoring engine for efficient content creation, management and publishing

A unique Syllabus Recommendation Tool that allows the content providers to input the same question across multiple exams with different level of complexity from a single screen.

Real time sales analytics

Content Providers get real time access to sales and download history including analytics on popular courses, packages, topic as well as key geographical locations.

Education Technology


  • Market place for content providers - publishers, coaching institutes, universities, independent authors, exam bodies

  • Technology provider and enabler for fully managed content delivery service

  • Replacing obsolete and inefficient supply chain with smart technological solutions to deliver content and improve user engagement

  • Digital platform with focused analytics to consume educational content

  • Empowering Governments, CSR programs and other similar Education related initiatives in creating a level playing field for every student


Unique Features

No need for continuous internet access on iOS and Android platforms thereby minimising unwanted internet exposure, distraction as well as catering to internet inaccessibility issues.

Real-time Performance Analytics

Real-time smart performance analytics for every test as well as cumulative performance to help the students (and teachers) to keep an eye on their development areas and focus on weak areas.

Self-study & assessment patterns

Multiple question types and quiz based methodology for Self-study and focused test preparation. Unlimited revision lists for time management and performance improvement.
Question format includes Passage based, vignette based, and graphical, diagrammatical, image based questions.

On-demand test creation

On demand creation of tests on specific topics and sub topics with varied complexities to allow focused preparation on critical / weak areas.

Offline Access

No need for continuous internet access on iOS and Android platforms thereby minimising unwanted internet exposure, distraction as well as internet inaccessibility issues.

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